Sunday, September 30, 2007

K. Erik Ino/Peterson

Dear Mr. Hoone -

My name is K. Erik Ino/Peterson. I am a video artist, musician, and--by profession--a freelance graphic designer. I am currently finishing up my BFA in Art Video through Syracuse University/University College. I have been in Syracuse for 6 years and have been enrolled as a student for nearly 5. Changing majors 3 times does not make for a quick undergraduate career. However, it has given me a good opportunity to experience and embrace the city of Syracuse and what it has to offer.

In my 6 year stay in the Salt City I have always felt like the arts were under-appreciated. So, when I was brought in as a freelance videographer for the CMAC, in the summer of 2006, I was surprised to learn that things were about to change. I had met and interviewed the illustrious Astria Suparak and knew something great was about to happen. For the first time in 5 years, I was excited to be in Syracuse. For the first time, I felt like Syracuse was the place to be.

I'm writing to express my concern regarding the Warehouse Gallery and the supposed personnel changes. For the last year and a half I have been able to enjoy a truly diverse experience in the arts, via Astria Suparak and the events at the Warehouse Gallery, and I do not want that to end. There has been an interest in the arts, by both permanent Syracuse residents and the SU student body. Something currently exists in Syracuse, that has not existed since Bill Viola or Nam June Paik.

I firmly believe that we owe this to Astria Suparak. She has proven her merit, with shows like Come On: Desire Under..., Faux Natural, and Embracing Winter. Astria made these events happen... and these events are what made Syracuse happenin'! Astria has given the scene a new and important presence... but it needs to be cultivated. If she were to leave now, the scene would wither back to what it used to be and the arts would be dead!

Mr. Hoone... We need to foster the arts in Syracuse; we need Astria Suparak.

Thank you for your time.

K. Erik Ino/Peterson
Syracuse, NY

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Anonymous said...

Just for the record, that e-mail was sent on the 16th:

From: "k. erik ino"
Date: September 16, 2007 11:32:17 PM EDT
Subject: Astria Super-Hero


Syracuse has lost one its greatest assets. Astria Suparak, Inaugural Director of The Warehouse Gallery of Syracuse University, was removed from her position as of Sept. 30th, 2007, despite widespread support from community members, students, faculty, and the international art community. This decision was made unilaterally by Jeffrey Hoone, Executive Director of the Coalition of Museum and Art Centers (CMAC).

At the time of Suparak's dismissal, Hoone also canceled her forthcoming exhibitions, including "Keep It Slick: Infiltrating Capitalism with The Yes Men," due to open in November 2007.